JUNE 10-13, 2019

Message from our President and CEO

Nicholas Rémillard

President and CEO,

International Economic Forum of the Americas

The 25th anniversary of the Conference of Montreal will be held at a particularly defining moment in the world’s changing economic, social and political landscape. Eleven years after the Great Recession, the world has entered an era characterized by rapid technological change, a volatile economic and financial environment, rising geopolitical and environmental concerns, and the emergence of new spheres of influence.

Such profound and rapid changes create complex risks and challenges, yet also new opportunities. More than ever, resilience, innovation and anticipation will be key to success in tomorrow’s world, forcing decision-makers and corporate leaders to change gears, so their ideas and actions can better address today’s global needs and unlock a new cycle of prosperity in both emerging and advanced economies.

This is the context in which the Board of Governors of the Conference of Montreal met in June 2018, and decided that the general theme of the 25th Conference of Montreal would be Embracing Change.

We invite you to join us for three days of panel discussions and conversations with today’s leaders, who come from the public, private and civil society sectors. You’re sure to gain greater insight on such pressing core issues as: the reasons why we are experiencing profound economic shifts and uncertainty; what it takes to foster a more inclusive capitalism and growth model; what drives innovation in agriculture, transportation, energy and new technologies; how the AI revolution is reshaping our economies and societies; and, last but not least, what is needed to implement sustainable investment strategies and mitigate climate change.
I look forward to welcoming you to next the 25th anniversary of the Conference of Montreal, from June 10 – 13, 2019.