Marianela Curi

Marianela Curi

Marianela Curi
Executive Director, Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA)

Marianela Curi is the Executive Director of Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano – FFLA, an organization based in Quito-Ecuador that promotes sustainable development in Latin America. She is an expert in the design and management of sustainable development policies and strategies. Marianela has served as a director of both national and international organizations in Bolivia and also has experience managing nation-wide conservation projects. She led the BOLFOR II project for sustainable forestry management in Bolivia, which gathered community forestry organizations in order to strengthen their capacities and promoted dialogue among stakeholders in the Forestry Colloquium.

In the governmental sector, Marianela worked as Under Secretary and later as Vice Minister of Natural Resources and Environment in Bolivia's Sustainable Development Ministry. She led the National Biodiversity Strategy and created both the Watershed Management and Sustainable Bio-commerce programs.

In 2010, Marianela joined Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano as Director of Strategic Initiatives and in 2012 was named Executive Director. Marianela graduated with a degree in Social Psychology from the Catholic University of La Paz, Bolivia.


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