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Fireside Chat: John Chen, BlackBerry - Monday, December 10
Luncheon: The Great Skills Disruption: Thriving in an Era of Transformation: David McKay - Monday, December 10
Fireside Chat: Navdeep Bains - Monday, December 10
The Global Economy at a Crossroads - Monday, December 10
Fireside Chat: Chrystia Freeland - Monday, December 10
Artificial Intelligence: Leveraging the Right Opportunity - Monday, December 10
Digital Transformation: Enabling Business Innovation - Monday, December 10
Spotlight on Latin America - Tuesday, December 11
Building Better Cities - Tuesday, December 11
Business After Brexit - Tuesday, December 11
Oil and Gas: What’s Next: Josu Jon Imaz - Tuesday, December 11
Special Address - Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario - Wednesday, December 12
Advanced Manufacturing: Long-Term Sustainability Amid Disruption - Wednesday, December 12
The Nuclear Alternative -Tuesday, December 11
Luncheon: The Future of Media: Mark Thompson - Wednesday, December 12
Global Investment: Moving Past Uncertainty: Afsaneh Beschloss - Wednesday, December 12
Trade in the 21st Century: Mastering Change - Wednesday, December 12