A Word from the President and CEO

Nicholas Rémillard

President and Chief Executive Officer,

International Economic Forum of the Americas

At a time characterized by unique challenges and global uncertainty, the International Economic Forum of the Americas remains committed to providing a platform for global exchange. By hosting the 2020 editions of the World Strategic Forum, Toronto Global Forum, Conference of Paris and Conference of Montreal, the Forum was able to virtually bring together major international thought leaders and decision makers from both public and private sectors.

Last year, various relevant themes such as the global economy, healthcare, finance, energy, innovation, education, cyber-security, manufacturing and the path for a sustainable future were discussed by world-leading experts during the four conferences, which served as a virtual platform for diverse speakers to share their vision on the economic recovery and to discuss the concrete strategies needed to thrive in this new era.

Although a difficult year, it allowed the Forum to successfully develop a new range of services. Through IEFA Consulting, we help organize private one-on-one meetings with the right contacts for businesses, assist in event production, and run yearlong roundtable meetings, independent from our annual conferences, in which we count the participation of executives and government leaders from around the world.

To continue this mission together, the IEFA looks forward to welcoming you, virtually or in person, at our next 4 events: the 27th edition of the Conference of Montreal on September 13-16, 2021; the 10th edition of the Miami World Strategic Forum on October 4-5, 2021; the 15th edition of the Toronto Global Forum on November 8-10, 2021 and the 5th edition of the Conference of Paris on November 30 – December 1, 2021.

In the meantime, sessions from last year’s conferences are available on our YouTube channel, where we also invite you to join us for the IEFA Conversation Series – a set of virtual weekly conversations with business executives, government leaders and renowned experts, dedicated to advance understanding, exchange insights and share solutions on the major issues facing the world, such as the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy and society as a whole.