LeaderXXchange™ is a global organization that collaborates with institutions, companies and individuals worldwide to identify and increase the visibility and profile of leaders in all fields, with a unique focus on women.
LeaderXXchange™ offers the opportunity to increase their visibility, both nationally and internationally. Its global partnerships are a resource for institutions (conference organizers, media, think tanks, businesses, academic institutions, etc.) that are seeking speakers or industry experts on a wide range of topics – in multiple languages.
LeaderXXchange™ is also a resource for board search committees and investors to identify diverse corporate and non-profit board candidates. In addition, we provide a channel to engage on matters of corporate governance. With increased demand worldwide for women directors, LeaderXXchange™ offers a new channel to identify board-ready candidates on a global scale.
LeaderXXchange™ partners include global decision-makers and high-ranking public or private sector officials, media groups and thought leaders. A peer-to-peer organization, each partner must be referred by an existing partner to join LeaderXXchange™.