IEFA Magazine

This year, the International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA) turns 25; to mark this event, we are launching the IEFA Magazine. The aim of this new venture is to provide a source of consistently reliable information that will enable readers to better grasp – and therefore better respond to – the profound changes facing all people, regardless of where they live.

IEFA Magazine was launched to provide a complementary perspective to these four annual forums by examining some of the world’s most pressing international questions. The goal of the publication’s quarterly issues is to help us understand the full extent of the changes we are facing in the context of an increasingly disturbing global economic reality.

To celebrate this first edition of the magazine, the IEFA is happy to offer you a complimentary digital version.

Access the Complete First Edition

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Brexit: What Next? - by Adam Steinhouse 

Nations Going Digital - by Diane Brady

When the web goes dark - by Daniel Tobok

True Treasures - by Pierre Lortie

The difficult revival of capitalism - by Gérard Bérubé

Global economy under siege - by Ferry de Kerchkove

Make Latin America Great Again - by John Yearwood

The last party? - by Jordan Levin

Taxation: The Invisible Hand

What shall we tell our children - by Catherine Clark