Videos 2020

Forging a Resilient and Low Carbon Economy
Banking Redefined
Green Recovery: Time for Action
Ensuring Resilience in a Renewable Energy Mix
The Importance of Purpose: A More Human and Responsible Capitalism
The Private Sector: A Key Driver of Post Pandemic Rebound?
Ontario: Canada's Economic Engine
Reinventing Mobility
Adapting to a Changing Environment
Managing in Uncertain Times
Global Markets and the ESG Advantage: Making an Impact for All
Navigating Unprecedented Volatility
Reshaping Global Supply Chains
Embracing Change: Adapting to the New Normal
The New Energy Landscape
The US Elections: What Now?
Investing Greener Now!
Managing Multiple Ongoing Crises
Beyond Financials: The Importance of ESG
The Next Era in Healthcare
Strengthening Governance, Restoring Trust
Is the Pandemic Reshaping Geopolitics and Business?
Powering the Digital Revolution
Making the Digital Economy Work for Everyone
Bruno Le Maire Keynote Address
Financing the Fight against Climate Change
Eye on Asia
The Economic Revival Path Amidst the Pandemic