While international trade goes back to the dawn of time, it is only in recent decades that the concept of globalization has become more or less ubiquitous. Globalization is an irreversible process that now stands at a crossroads. While it has raised the standard of living worldwide by lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, it has also led to significant inequality and fuelled a sense of resentment, especially among members of the Western middle class who feel they are paying the price for these gains. Now is the time for open and unrestricted dialogue, so we can keep what is good and correct what we got wrong. This is the goal of the latest addition to the IEFA’s annual line-up. At a time when France is taking a strong stand on global issues, the International Economic Forum of the Americas – The Conference of Paris is gathering major international stakeholders in Paris to discuss and reassess globalization with a particular focus on the role Europe can play. Conference speakers and participants will work together to devise a well-thought-out road map that takes into account our joint responsibility to create a globalization that is more inclusive, more balanced, more responsible and more humane.