Privacy Policy

Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement International Economic Forum of the Americas (hereinafter “IEFA”) values the protection and privacy of the Applicant’s personal information in accordance with domestic and international laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

The Participant may choose to provide, on a voluntary basis, the following personal information to IEFA:
– First name;
– Last name;
– Name of organization or company;
– E-mail address;
– Location;
and – Photos.

The personal information provided by the Participant shall be collected via the Swapcard application and transferred directly to IEFA.

Purpose and Use

IEFA intends to use provided personal information, more specifically the Participant’s e-mail address, strictly for the following purposes:

– Statistics. IEFA intends to collect personal information provided by the Participant to

– Communication. IEFA may use the provided e-mail address of the Participant to communicate with him or her;

– Promotions and newsletters. IEFA may send promotional email offers and newsletters for upcoming events and activities organized by IEFA to the Participant’s e-mail address.

– Feedback. IEFA may send the Participant various forms and surveys in order to obtain feedback on events organized by IEFA in order to improve its services.

IEFA will not use collected information for any purposes other than those previously stated.

Withdrawal of Consent

Participant may withdraw his or her consent to the processing of personal information at any time.

If the applicant chooses to revoke or withdraw granted personal information, he or she may make such requests to


The Participant has the right to refuse the collection and use of personal information.